December 26, 2004

Since You Asked

Margi wants to know what everyone got for Christmas.


From the husband:

  • movie theater gift certificates

  • pastry brushes and a pair of whopper tongs for bbq-ing

  • a very nice watch

From Mom and Dad:

  • a very nice plaid wool blanket that I believe Mom made. Now if we only had football games to go to...

  • DVD's of The Godfather and The Princess Bride! YAY Mom!Thanks for resisting the urge to buy me a poncho! I hear it was near thing. Thank you! I love them. And I will get much more use out of them than I would a poncho.

From Mr. H.:

  • a Houdini wine opener so I can get to my Chardonnay that much quicker

From the In-Laws:

From the Brother-in-Law (my side):

  • a gorgeous antique broach, set with a big pink stone in the middle, and small pink and white stones around the outside. Lovely.

From the husband's sister's family:

  • The SNL edition of Trivial Pursuit

  • homemade ornaments from the kiddies

From Santa (or Jolly old St. Nick if you prefer) into my stocking, which I hung by the fire with care:

  • A Caribou Card for my Sunday morning gab fests with Mr. H.

  • An envelope of Ginger Milk bath salts! (See, kids, Santa really does read your blog!)

  • Cinnamon Hoof Mints

  • A big fat Vanity Fair with Ahhhhnuld and Maria on the cover

From my Godbaby:

  • a neato Christmas ornament he made himself, replete with school picture

From my sister, Christi, and her husband:

  • The 80's Trivia Game
  • . Oh yeah. This one sucks bigtime! We'll never play it. /sarcasm.

Reportedly, a very nice bottle of Chardonnay is winging its way here from Northern California as I write this, as well.

Everyone's generosity, as usual, is overwhelming and I am indeed a lucky, lucky girl.

Posted by Kathy at December 26, 2004 11:35 PM
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