December 23, 2004

Girly-Girl Post

Men, you can skip on by---unless you're looking for a present for the wife or girlfriend and would like a suggestion.

For my birthday last month, a friend gave me a girly-girl gift---bath salts in assorted flavors.

Now, I've always been more of a bubble girl, rather than a "Calgon, take me away!" sort. (Calgon made bath salts, in case you didn't want to touch that box in your mom's bathroom in case you thought it was tampons or something equally repulsive.) Bubbles keep certain body female body parts warm during the course of a bath, but also---and more importantly---keep the tub from getting grimy, too. I had a hard time seeing the purpose of bath salts other than to come out of the tub smelling like something that would probably make the husband gag. But, being the sort who will sit in a tub whenever she gets the chance, I gave them a whirl.

And you know what? I loved them. Mainly because they all lived up to their advertisements for softer, more moisturized skin, which is very important to me. (I'm a skin care junkie.) I particularly loved this one. While I felt ridiculous as I sat in a tub of milky water, I nonethless came to realize why Cleopatra bathed in asses milk: IT WORKS! Milk, for whatever reason, actually does condition your skin. I thought it was an old-wives tale, but I swear it works.

Give it a whirl if you're so inclined. It's a bit pricey---$6 for single bath. (I was checking to see if they sold it by the jar as the husband hasn't bought my Christmas present yet.) But it's so worth it.

Posted by Kathy at December 23, 2004 10:28 PM
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