January 07, 2008


Go and read this NOW.

Not many of us would have the foresight to realize that a. we could die and b. to put down our final thoughts in a post, should that unhappy event come to pass. I'm amazed at what Andrew Olmstead did. Facing your mortality isn't a fun thing to do, whatever the circumstances might be that forced you face facts, but to write a calm, clear and collected post that would get across what you want to say in the event of your death is absolutely amazing.

While I did not even know of Andrew Olmstead's blog before today, and while I'm certain he was a brave man for the simple act of doing what he did, this posthumous post, I have to say, takes the cake for bravery. If you're a blogger, pass this one along. It deserves to be widely read.

Resquiat in Pacem.

{ht: Martini Boy}

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