October 30, 2005


As in I'm spent. Like a fiver thrust into a stripper's G-String.

Yes, my devoted Cake Eater Readers, your supposition is right: I am still hungover.

The party last night was a whopping good time. Other than the fact that the dee jay SUCKED big time, the ball was a resounding success and a good time was had by everyone. The winners of the costume contest were five guys who had the nerve to don itty bitty speedos, warm up jackets replete with 'DDR' on the back, noseplugs and swim caps to form the East German Swim Team. They carried a flag, spoke German and had a little cheer that they performed in the midst of the party to much applause. They totally deserved to win. But, getting back to the cause of my pain and suffering, on the beverage menu there was this fabulous drink called "The Brain Hemmorhage" that was made with cherry vodka, sweet and sour, and something else, but, for all intents and purposes, said drink was the alcoholic equivalent of crack. Hence, I am hungover.

Blogging will resume tomorrow.

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