July 21, 2005

Not Again

I do not like waking up to hear that a city that I dearly love is in the midst of a bomb scare...


UPDATE: Tim Worstall has more. As does Europhobia. Insty, of course, is on the case, too.

From what little real news I can gather by watching cable news, it seems as if these terrorists either a. had a bad batch of explosives or b. had one seriously incompetent bomb maker in their employ. Whichever it is, thank God for it. This could have been much, much worse than it seems it is.

I also hope that the reporting about what's going down at University College Hospital is correct. If it is, that means one of them is alive and, hopefully, if he's apprehended they might be able to get information from him.

The other observation of the morning is that Christiane Amanpour is seriously annoying. Sheesh. Talk about having a big head. Nic Robertson was doing a perfectly fine job and then Christiane shows up and he gets booted so she can bloviate about how this is because of the UK's participation in Iraq. Sheesh. It took her less than fifteen minutes to bring that up. I suppose you could applaud her for her restraint in waiting that long, but no matter which way you slice it, is presumptous in the extreme. You have a fluid situation, where there is much reporting to be done because no one seems to have the whole story and she injects politics into it. What a little shit she is.

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