June 28, 2005

We Got Your Crazy Right Here

Courtesy of Sheila, we have MORE Tommy Boy nuttiness.

{...}Cagle: Most people are reluctant to talk about religion, or anything controversial, when it is your job to be likable to mass number of people around the globe. Why, especially in recent years, have you become so vocal about Scientology, about psychiatry, which you're against?

Cruise: Communication is the universal solvent. That's why I talk about it. What I believe in is that people should be able to think for themselves, and they should be able to make decisions, based on information, on being informed. I don't believe that children should be forced on drugs. I think parents should be informed on the effects of these drugs.

Cagle: I think what upsets some people when you talk about this, what upset Brooke Shields, for example, is that you imply that someone's own experience with psychiatric drugs was, they were mistaken by the way it helped them; that other studies that are done that contradict what you believe are erroneous

Cruise: What do you mean?

Cagle: Other studies that show that maybe Ritalin does help some kids.

Cruise: When you see a study done, you have to look and see who did the study. When someone's on these psychiatric drugs, they have to try and step off these drugs, and I've stepped people off these drugs, Jess. They can go into seizure. All right, it's easier to step someone off heroin. It's more dangerous. They need a medical detox on these drugs.

Cagle: And yet some people have said they've taken them for a while, and then they've gotten off them, and it's helped them through a rough time.

Cruise: Jess, it's a point of, you look at something and you go OK. I've been on the other side of that, when people's lives have been torn apart, where you talk about suicides, where we're looking at now Ritalin is street drug; it's a study drug, because it's an amphetamine. Look, you don't have to believe me. I'm just saying, look at the data and where does that data come from? Now you need to evaluate" What is help, Jess? Is "help" that that person will sit there quiet? Did you really get to the root of the problem?

So, let's see where Tommy Boy has upgraded his message since his interview with Matt Lauer.

1. Tommy Boy, apparently, cannot conceive that someone's own good experience with psychotropics is better than Scientology studies that make claims to the contrary. Because they only took them as a result of faulty research. And if we only really knew the whole story, well...

2. Tommy Boy, apparently, seems to be implying that suicides happen because people are on psychotropics. Most people see them as the things that KEEP PEOPLE FROM KILLING THEMSELVES.

Now, Tommy Boy is not only claimng to be an expert on psychiatry, he's also a detox counselor. And apparently Ritalin is worse to get off of than heroin. Yeah, right. And he knows this for a fact because he helped them "step off" these drugs. Yeah, Right. I'm pretty freaking sure he sat there and held their hair back while they puked. Mmmhmmmm.

And the phrase, Tommy Boy, is not "step off" it's "get off." Learn your detox lingo, my friend.

"Doctor," heal thyself! Before someone gets killed.

As far as the whole universal solvent thing is concerned. That sounded a wee bit funky, like it came from someone else's mouth, so the husband googled it for me. Here's a funny, and telling, anecdote about "universal solvents."

One day the famed German chemist Justus von Liebig was approached by an assistant, who excitedly declared that he had just discovered a universal solvent. "And what is a universal solvent?" Liebig asked. "One that dissolves all substances," the assistant explained. "And where," Liebig replied, "are you planning to keep this solvent?"
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