February 05, 2005


Sorry for the light posting the past couple of days. It's been extraordinarily gorgeous weatherwise. Highs in the low 50's, which is unheard of for the first week in February in Minnesota. The husband and I have been taking advantage of it and have been taking walks during prime blogging time, so, I'll say I'm sorry, but you all will know that I don't really mean it and you won't hold it against me.

Furthermore, the husband is going to be rebuilding Wee Bastard sometime soon. Like this weekend. Probably not today, but I would think tomorrow during the Super Bowl (which neither of us gives a rat's ass about and won't even watch for the commercials now that we can find them online the next day) would be a good time for this to happen. Nothing's wrong with el laptopola, per se, it's just that there's some work that could be done to increase performance and I've officially had it with Internet Explorer and the crap it lets through. Maintenence and upgrades will be done and Mozilla will be installed. It would take me ages to do this on my own, and he actually enjoys it so why not let him? Provided he doesn't goof things up too badly, I'll probably be back to full posting speed come Monday.

Finally, can someone---anyone---please tell me why Europeans (and some Canadians) keep entering "Jessica Cutler Gorilla Sex" into their local Google image search? Since the archives from the old blogspot home have yet to be transferred onto this site, my sitemeter is active on both blogs. I'm getting anywhere from ten to fifty direct hits a day on this, and have been for close to a month. And when I mean direct hits, I mean people type in the exact same phrase every single time. Has Jessica Cutler aka the Washingtonienne invaded Europe? Is there some email campaign going on? Did someone mention it on the web and I didn't see the link? WHAT'S THE FREAKIN' DEAL HERE? While I don't mind the traffic (yes, I'm bad that way. I know this.) as the person who came up with that image, I would simply like to know what the deal is.

I know some of you people find your way over here. Can you please explain this one to me? I hope you find it humorous and enjoy your time here, but honestly, I would like to know about the trail of breadcrumbs.

Posted by Kathy at February 5, 2005 12:01 PM
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