December 22, 2004

The Height of Absurdity


Australian anti-piracy operatives are seeking a freeze on funds donated to the International Red Cross by a Vanuatu-based trust fund run by Sharman Networks - maker of Kazaa P2P software.

The recording industry is asking the Red Cross to voluntarily freeze the cash pending the outcome of an Australian court case brought against Sharman by several record companies. The suit alleges that Sharman "has directly and indirectly infringed on the recording companies' copyrights, violated Australian fair trade laws and conspired to harm the music industry", according to a Wired report.

Michael Speck of Australia’s Music Industry Piracy Investigations said: "We're preparing our approach to the International Red Cross. I believe this whole thing will come as a complete surprise to them, and we’re only approaching them to stop them disposing of any funds."

Speck expressed his hope that the Red Cross would co-operate, adding: "It would be incredibly disappointing if we had to sue them."{...}

"It would be incredibly disappointing if we had to sue them."

Holy Delusion, Batman!

What's amazing is that these people seemingly have no idea how bad something like this could make them look. As if we already didn't know they were greedy to begin with, this just makes them look like monsters. Asking the International Red Cross---while biased beyond belief against America and yet another Geneva-based bureaucracy steeped in corruption---does manage to do some good worldwide.

The Australian recording industry is literally taking food out of the mouths of babes to feed their bottom lines.

{Hat tip: Tech Dirt}

Posted by Kathy at December 22, 2004 09:44 PM
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