December 21, 2004

Christmas Presents

Ok, so here's what the Worldwide Fund For Nature says you shouldn't buy me for Christmas.

So, no ivory. No caviar. No Crocodile. No tiger rugs. No turtle shell products. No shatoosh (don't really need another shawl anyway. I like my pashmina just fine, thanks.) No coral. No cactus. And no energy inefficient electronics.

I'm ok with all of that. Honestly. No hassles here. I'm all about protecting the environment when it doesn't put me out too much.

But that doesn't mean you're off the hook yet, kids. Because these weren't on the list. Crocodile bad. Alligator Good.

I will be expecting a few pairs to be under the tree come Christmas Day. I particularly like the sandals, the halter slingbacks and the slides.

And all of them in black. Size 8 1/2 AA.

Posted by Kathy at December 21, 2004 09:49 PM

Make mine 9B

Posted by: Fausta at December 22, 2004 08:21 AM
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