December 12, 2004


Around five o'clock this morning the wind kicked up here in Cake Eater Land. Or so the husband says. I was blissfully conked out so I missed it.

Until I woke up, when I took a look out the front window at our barren yard to see that the lid to the neglected Victorian-ish lamppost had been completely blown off the lamp and was lying on the ground, three feet away from the base.

This thing is made out of heavy wrought iron. Granted all the bolts that are supposed to hold it in place are missing, because it's one more thing Tweedledumb and the Great White Hunter landlord neglect around here, but it's never flown off before in a heavy wind.

The husband ran out there a little while ago and put it back on the lamp. Taking a cue from Tweedledumb, he secured it with twigs, rather than with nuts and bolts from his own private stash, which he is loathe to share with the management of this fine house we live in.

I can only think that this does not bode well for the rest of the day. There were snow flurries a little while ago, but they've subsided...for the time being. On the tree branch outside of my office window, a pleasantly plump (read wide arsed) squirrel was attempting to shield himself from the wind by huddling next to the trunk and wasn't having much luck with it as the tree is swaying perilously. He has since disappeared. I assume he took to ground, realizing that hanging out in a tree, twenty-feet off the ground, perhaps isn't the best place to find shelter in a windstorm.

Fortunately, I have only one errand to run this afternoon: to go and buy smokes. Which I will do shortly. Just to get it over with.

Have I mentioned lately how much I despise winter?

Posted by Kathy at December 12, 2004 01:03 PM
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